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We are always looking for people in the community who would like to join our Board.


The first Crime Stoppers program in the United States began on September 8, 1976.  The organization is a community-based crime-solving program that assists local law enforcement.  The Clarksville-Montgomery County Crime Stoppers program was approved as a non-profit entity, 501(c)(3) on March 11, 1985.  This local governing entity of the Crime Stoppers, hereafter known as the Board, is a member of the national Crime Stoppers organization and abides by its rules and regulations.  The Board’s leadership is vested in the positions of the Executive Committee.  The Board is made up of local volunteer citizens, who elect an Executive Committee to conduct and operate any day-to-day needs of the Crime Stoppers program or Board.  


The Crime Stoppers program is based on the principle that someone other than the criminal has information that can solve the crime.  To gain that information, via the media and other forms of publicity, the Crime Stopper program works to counter the fear of reprisal, attitudes of apathy, and a reluctance to get involved, which may be encountered in the course of criminal investigations.  By offering anonymity to those who can provide information about crimes and paying rewards for information that leads to arrests, Crime Stoppers can enhance the ability of law enforcement to resolve crimes.

Board Composition

Per the article of incorporation, an Executive Committee will be established and officer positions consisting of four (4) Board members will fill the following positions: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.  These positions are full members of the Board and serve as the leadership of the full Board.  The positions of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Treasurer shall not be filled by Board members who are related to each other through marriage, family, or business connections. 

Board Member Terms

Voting Board members may serve a term of four years, with no more than two (2) consecutive terms. A second term will require a majority vote of the full Board.  Members completing two terms may reapply for a board vacancy after sitting out for one (1) year.  

Board Member Responsibilities

The Board and/or Executive Committee will meet monthly, or more frequently as necessary, at a location open to the public with the goal being to work with the community, local law enforcement and media to prevent and/or assist in solving crimes.  

The process of resolving crimes will be through a means of publicity, generation of anonymous tips for law enforcement use, and offering rewards for tips that are validated by law enforcement agencies as assisting in solving felony crimes.

The Board is charged with raising funds to carry out the operations and mission of Crime Stoppers.  These funds may be provided by donations/payments of local governments, fundraisers, and/or direct tax-deductible contributions of businesses, corporations, service organizations, and citizens.

Board Member Removal

Missed Meetings 

Board members may miss four (4) total meetings within 12 months and remain in good standing as a Board member.  The 12-month period begins with their first board meeting as a member of the Board.  If a Board member misses the maximum number of meetings allowed, the Secretary (in coordination with the Chairman) will send a written notice to the Board member notifying that another missed meeting will result in automatic dismissal from the Board.  There could be exceptions to this attendance requirement if the missing member contacted the Chairperson or Secretary ahead of time and explained that there were extenuating circumstances such as health, work-related travel, etc.  A Board member dismissed by this method may reapply for the Board membership after one (1) year after the date of dismissal.  

For Cause - Criminal  

The Board will remove board members who are arrested during their term on issues related to felony charges, or on charges that result in jail time, from membership immediately upon receipt and validation of such information from a law enforcement agency.  Removal due to this action will be concurred by a two-thirds vote (eight (8) affirmative votes) of the full Board membership.

For Cause – Other  

Board members that do not abide by the by-laws and operating procedures or policies of Crime Stoppers; cause continuous disruptions to board proceedings; act in a threatening manner to other board members, or use their Board membership in other venues in an unethical manner that reflects poorly upon the image and/or purpose of Board and/or Crime Stoppers may be removed from Board membership by a two-thirds vote (eight (8) affirmative votes) of the full Board membership.  The removal vote will be taken only after the accused Board member is notified in writing and allowed the opportunity to come before the board to answer questions/charges and show why the member should not be dismissed.  If the accused Board member refuses to come before the Board and/or answer or reply to questions related to the accusations, the Board shall proceed with the removal vote.  The Board vote is final and the removed member will not be reconsidered for any future Board vacancies.

Board Member Criteria for Selection

  1. Must be 18 years old or older.

  2. Must be a resident of Clarksville-Montgomery County and have maintained a residence within the county for a minimum of one year before application.  

  3. Must submit an application for Board membership that will include a background check form

  4. Clean background checks will be submitted to the Board for approval.  If the background check comes back with issues, the application will not be accepted.

  5. Political appointments will not be accepted.  

  6. Board or any sub-committee members will not receive any form of compensation/payment for serving on Crime Stoppers.


An approval vote, which equates to the majority of the full Board (seven (7) votes), is required.  

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